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India has been endowed with a rich tribal culture, which despite modernization has kept its unique traditions and values intact . Tribal jewellery is one of the most unique and  enchanting forms of  jewellery   in India .  This tribal Jewellery  still  bears  a  definite  earthy  charm  . On the  other   hand , being different  from  the   conventionally manufactured  jewellery  items,  the  rarity  of  ethnic  jewellery  is  cherished by many . The original format of this jewellery design has been preserved by ethnic tribal communities. It is essentially Jewellery made of simple earthy materials like bone, wood,  clay, shells, crude metal, leaves,  berries,  feathers,  leather,  claws,  flowers,  and  much    more into majestic  pieces of art that are wearable by  tribal .  Demographics of the region, availability of resources  and  proposed functionality  are some of  the factors that  make tribal  jewellery of one group differ from the other. Besides, even  extreme  poverty  and  lack  of  precious  metals  have  not  deterred the tribal crafters from  creating glorious ornaments. In fact, it has been observed that tribes of certain region may be scantily clothed, but they still adorn  ample  amount  of  jewellery  on their   bodies . Having an  appealing look,  it also holds  a distinct rustic and earthy charm. The unrefined charm of this jewellery is something that lures people quite a bit.

Fashion seasons change every time with a new trend.    For all of us fashionistas, the key to the perfect    clothing ensemble is accessorizing with the perfect jewellery. Where the tribal inspired jewellery is the hottest trend these days. As we can pair with any outfit either with ethnic or western. We have been spotting it everywhere, runways,  red carpet and street fashion,  it’s the “IN”  thing which everybody seems to be loving.     Inspired from the  tribal origins, these designs have a very geometric feel and are also full of colours,    which give them a very eclectic feel.

One could team the tribal inspired jewellery with plain-jane ensemble and uplift it in instantly, they look really amazing when teamed up with neutrals, they become the focal point of the whole and look and steal the show.
Another way of wearing this trend could be teaming it up with contrasting colour, so that they can grab all the attention and make you look the tribal trendy diva




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