The Meaning Of Difficult Word In Santali (Santali-English) by Kirtu Murmu & Biriya Ch. Tudu

This is an effort by various circumstances, they wet on ahead with job and achieved the goal. They have gone through many santali books written by the writers of various regions.Usually the words used there in many differ from region to region and sometimes it makes the reader in critical situation. The “Baha Song” carried on generation after generation by the santhal people, there are many difficult words which can not be understand easily. So they thought it is necessary to clear the doubt of the general readers as well as the well wishers of santhali literature and they compiled it.


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About Author;

Sri Kirtu Murmu

AT: Gaichand Dihi, Mayurbhanj, Odisha

& Sri Biriya Chandra Tudu.

AT: Bankand (Kandswar), Mayurbhanj, Odisha.

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Dimensions 8.1 × 5.3 × 0.5 mm

220 pages


Karu Murmu, H.A.L Township, Sunabeda-2, Koraput. 1st edition-2013


Santali, English.


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