In Love With Tribal Attire

Mousumi Hansdah Comments 0 May 19, 2018

Tribe or the word “adivasi” has developed a connotation of past autonomy disrupted during the British colonial periods in India,  carries the specific meaning of being the original and autochthonous(first people or the native people) inhabitants of a given region.Adivasi believe in the divine nature of “Nature”. Each of the tribes is a distinctive community. The specialty of the Indian tribes lies in their customs, cultures, beliefs and the harmony in which they survive in unanimity with nature. Tribal living perfectly portrays a well-balanced background. One has to love tribal culture in India to understand the uniqueness of their culture. Warm hospitality, simple ways of living and sincere judgment of the opinions are some of the traits that mark the tribal cultures of India. Their custom depicts their belief in simplicity. To them, all things are imbibed with the divine spirit and are deserving of respect as nature give them food, clothing, material for housing and medicine.

Considering the general features of their eco-system, traditional economy, supernatural beliefs and practices, and recent impacts of modernization, culture and diversification amongst the tribal can also be admired from any land of direction.

Nowadays Fashion designers feel social influences have played a pivotal role in bringing back the trend.”Social influence is always a part of setting a trend and fashion forecast. In today’s socio-economic state, people want to move away from urban trend and return to the basics. So that is the reason why tribal art and culture is influencing the mind of the artist and the creator.

Tribal prints seem to have attracted the fantasy of fashionistas in a big way as a number of celebrities are happily flaunting these in various modern styles, colours and silhouettes.”Tribal prints are not only making a big comeback but also termed as hot trend. They are easy to carry as they have a classic vintage feel. It’s just that one needs to carry it with confidence and wear it more casually than opting for it formally.

How to wear it the right way?

Most tribal prints are strong and oversized; so they look best when worn as your outfit’s by pairing them with solid or neutral separates. “Tribal trends are big, right from garments to accessories! This look should be dressed and styled with detail as the secret lies in keeping this look as an accent and not overdo it,” Also, folk or rural theme-inspired accessories are more suited such as beaded flats or feather earrings or jewellery, clips, made of bone, wood or ivory.


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