Starting with our name DISOMART, or can call it as disom(land from which it originates or simply land of your village in Santali language)-art explicit the art and culture of country mile placed tribal community(like santal, oraons, munda, hos, etc) with the variation of regions .

Being a part of this community, we have observed the line closely between our community to others. Tribal culture is in part of a peasant culture as they differ in racial traits, language, social organisation, cultural patterns, etc. In the tribal cultures all things are imbibed with the divine spirit and are deserving of respect as nature. Starting from a habitual manner of worshiping God to simple ways of living with fulfilling basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, they always create a distinct alluring approach.

Which inspire us to bring forward this beautiful oeuvre in the society to make better entitled, by representing the warmth of the authentic culture and traditions of tribal community.